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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Fru Gal and The Southern Gentleman

This summer I married my Southern Gentleman (SG). He was lured to Harvard on a fellowship and after two years of dating gave up the fair South to stay with me in the frozen North.

He loves me, he does not love New England. He endures New England. He puts up with it for my sake. But it doesn't have to be that way.

This blog launches my one woman attempt to win him over, to woo him with New England's many frosty charms. And to do so on the cheap.

Because in addition to having no money (do you know any part-time writers, part-time grad students, part-time school admins that do?) I'm also a dyed in the wool Yankee. And there's one thing you should know about Yankees. We treat dollars like rubber bands - ssstttreeetch.

In other words, we're cheap.

My Dad put it this way to an Irish cousin fond of calling us "The Yanks".

Dad - Thomas did you make your confirmation?
Thomas - I did.
Dad - Did you make any money at your confirmation?
Thomas - I did.
Dad - Do you still have that money?
Thomas - I don't.
Dad - Well then, you're not a Yankee.

So that's the game - to find what there is to love in New England on little to no money.


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