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Monday, October 31, 2005

Mark Twain wrote, "If you don't like the weather in New England, wait a minute." But even his resolve would be strained by the incessant rain this fall. New Englander's who are questioned about how they can bear to live in such a harsh climate usually respond, "but you should see it in the fall." Fall is our season: cerulean skies, trees aflame with color, perfect 60 degrees that make sweater wearing so chic.

But this fall we've had rain, rain and more rain, day in and day out. Weather in the teens, and snow flurries on October 29th. You can imagine, the SG has not been happy. After all, he moved to New England in the fall, and was impressed by how much it lived up to the hype. The apples really were that crisp, there really was frost on the pumpkin.

Finally, there was a respite yesterday. As if the movie director had shouted "Action", the clouds parted and the blue sky shone. The leaves that hadn't given up the ghost, turning from green to brown, shook themselves out in yellows and oranges. The SG and I decided to take a drive to nearby Concord, Massachusetts ("Seat of the Revolution!"). Its downtown is a picture postcard, wide porches and brick fronts. We walked through the historic cemetery, its gravestones decorated with winged skulls. We bought a pumpkin and some cider, I'd packed a picnic lunch. All told, we spent $14 (not including gas, see blow). It was a cheap date, and SG's review "Now this is more like it." Historic Concord saved the day, and SG's mood.

The gas isn't cheap here (is it anywhere?), but the bite was less severe thanks to We typed in our zipcode and immediately found that within ten miles, the cheapest gas was at Gas with a Smile, $2.45 for regular unleaded. It's one of those rare stations where you cannot serve yourself, which just added to the experience of total relaxation in the warm sunshine.

You should see this place in the fall.....


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