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Thursday, November 17, 2005

click click click - cheap bastard philanthropy

Every morning when I log into my computer at work I make a point of heading to where with a quick click on the pink cyber-ribbon I can fund a free mammogram for a woman who can't afford one. That and a cup of Earl Grey tea really start my day out on the right foot.

This morning's work day began with a three hour BSR Advance computer training course. Now, I have alot of appreciation for this computer program, but if you have a room of 20 people running the same training scenarios on a training database the progress is sloooooooooow - high school Algebra slow, DMV auto registration slow.

As my computer slowly scrawled through data I considered that can't be the only click philanthropy available. A quick Google search on "click philanthropy" immediately produced a list of websites.

Within 3 minutes I had planted a tree in the rainforest, bought a winter coat for a poor child, and by voting for my favorite NFL team, donated a can of soup to a food bank. The rush of endorphins that these small acts of philanthropy produced made the morning pass pleasantly. That's what I call cheap bastard philanthropy.


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