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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Eat dessert first - for free!

You have to love a restaurant which celebrates desserts, listing them first in the menu and pushing salads and sandwiches to the back under the headings "Pre-desserts" or "Preludes". Finale, a self-described desseterie with branches in Boston and Cambridge, celebrates the carpe diem phrase - "Life is short, eat dessert first."

Butter, sugar, cream, chocolate, fresh fruit - the stuff that dreams are made of - are presented in traditional and contemporary combinations, each appearing at your table like a miniature stage set or a finely wrapped Christmas present.

And once a year, decadence is absolutely free.

Finale offers a customer reward program - the Friends of Finale. When you sign up you receive a gold Finale card. Present it each time you order dessert, or "preludes", and earn points you can spend on more tastes of heaven (as a bonus, just for signing up for the card they'll give you 25 points).

First among the many membership perks of being a Friend of Finale is a free dessert on your birthday. That's right, order the flourless chocolate cake, the personal cheesecake, the creme brulee, the death by chocolate, whatever your vice - for you, for once, it's free.

This customer loyalty reward program also includes invitations to wine tastings and dessert premiers. Yes, you read that right. When the Red Sox won the World Series, Finale got into the spirit with Sox Celebration, a dessert as worthy of a red carpet premiere as any Hollywood starlet.

Finale is located in Cambridge in Harvard Square, and in Boston in the Boston Park Plaza.


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