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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Pyara pretty party (3x fast) free chair massage

One great thing about my job is the free copy of the Boston Globe we receive daily. Yesterday's "Sidekick," the insert which contains the comics and television show times, had a blurb advertising an open house at Pyara Salon featuring "free mini-treatments." I was intrigued by the idea of the mini-treatment - would they polish only one nail, trim only one brow?

I arrived at 5:30, halfway into the festivities. I was met at the door by a saloniste, who took my coat, gave me a coat check number, and escorted me into the products section to "learn more about their holiday offerings." I was just thinking of how to gracefully get my coat back - I wasn't there to shop, I was there for free swag - when she returned with a cup of Aveda signature herbal tea. The mint and licorice combination perked me up sans caffeine. As I drained the cup, I was invited to take a chair for my "finishing touch," with an aesthetician.

Given a choice between her applying eye, lip or cheek make-up, I chose the cheeks. After all, I was once humiliated into buying blush at a Mac counter by a salesman who was gung-ho on "women of my age" losing color in their face (I had just turned 30). It was time to explore what the fairer sex thought about cheek color. Moments later I had my first brush with liquid blush, or rouge, as my Nana would have called it. The affect was subtle, and seemed easy to apply - I could get into this.

I left my seat and was asked if I would like a consultation about my hair with the stylist. Now I have to confess, I haven't cut my hair since May. When my previous stylist raised her rates to $60, I decided it was time to start growing out my hair, perhaps to the point where I could donate a foot of it to This great organization provides wigs to children who've lost their hair to chemotherapy. It would at last unite my cheap bastard tendences with philanthropy. The stylist examined my hair, and pronounced a profound need for a trim before my split ends roll right up to my skull. Even better, she patiently explained how to bring the wave out in my hair without hot rollers, a curling iron, or "scrunching." I left the chair feeling, well, empowered - a very rare response for me in a salon. As I was contemplating scheduling the cut, it was time for my chair massage.

Wow. It was amazing. I was transported. I think she released so many stress spots in my back that I may be a half inch taller. It was well worth the ticket price - which was nothing, except a cup of hot tea, some helpful advice, and a feeling of well being.

As I was leaving I signed up for the mailing list. Turns out they have these pretty party's once a month. So expect me back in the massage chair.

Oh, and I'm going back for my hair cut next week. It's not free - but it's not $60 either.


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